Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Devastating News

Thursday, October 11th, the phone rang.   It was my friend.  Her daughter, my daughter's friend, had attempted suicide a few days prior.  She was hoping I could watch her younger daughter while they attended a class, filled out paperwork, and saw her daughter at the hospital far from here (the closest place with a bed).  That answer was simple: of course, she can come here as long as you need, whenever you need.  Anything you need, call. Please.

I cried so much in the first two days.

When the girls are here, there is no awkwardness that comes with having someone else's kids in our home.  They belong.  My heart hurts like it is my own daughter in that hospital struggling to find her identity, struggling against the darkness that envelopes her and threatens her.

It is for this reason that we have pledge to help in anyway we can:

Babysit the younger sister?  Definitely.
Listen while you pour your heart out?  I'm here.
Help you understand (I've been suicidal)?  Yep.
Cry with you?  Already there.
Visit her in the hospital?  Any chance we get.
Network to find therapists, support groups, books?  Already on it.
Pray for you?  Done. Doing. Will do.

Please pray for our friends.  For the parents.  For their daughter.  For their other daughter.  For my daughter.  For me.  For my family.

And hug your kids.  Make sure they know, without a doubt, how important they are to you.

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