Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Laptop Troubles

I am NOT impressed with my new Acer laptop that my husband brought me last August. When I ready to buy a new laptop, you can be sure that it won't be an Acer. Both the quality of the product and the service is lacking, in my opinion.

Just a couple of months after getting it, the left click button stopped working properly. I learned that if I used my left hand to click the left side of the button, it would work. But, if I used my right hand to click it, like you normally would when using the touch pad, it won't register the click. When I contacted Acer about it, I found it that I would have to mail them my laptop (at my expense) to have it repaired. The turn around time, once they receive it, was 7-10 days. That means that I would be without my brand new laptop, my primary computer, the computer that has all of my favorites and all of my passwords stored on it (I use a password program to remember them all) for 3-4 weeks. That's totally not acceptable for someone who is on it as much as I am. Sure I could go upstairs and use my old desktop but I would have to share it with my daughter, remember all my favorite places and passwords without my program to help me, and I couldn't be online while I'm nursing on the couch. So, I didn't send it in. I learned how to use the touch pad to select things rather than my buttons.

Then last week, there was a day when the space bar wouldn't work right. I type fairly well (about 60 wpm) and the space bar wasn't registering my hits to the space bar. It works fine if I hit it with my left thumb but I learned to use my right thumb for the space bar. It seemed to resolve itself after a day and a half but it is back to acting up again. It feels like the spring isn't right on that side.

Then it started having problems charging. It said it was "plugged in but not charging". After researching it a bit, we made some software changes. We pulled out the battery and plugged it back in. Those things seemed to help...a little bit. At least I could get it to change a little bit. Today, I noticed that the power cord was VERY hot (too hot to touch). Definitely, a connection problem. I think the power jack/pin inside the computer is broken.

So, I'm sending it in. I'll be without my laptop for 3-4 weeks waiting for it to ship there, get fixed, and shipped back. What a pain! Fortunately, I don't have to send them my hard drive. At least my information will be safe and I don't have to mess with backups.

It's under warrenty. They better fix it and not try to claim it doesn't qualify for the warrenty for some reason.

I'll never buy an Acer again, that's for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Acer is one that my dh was avoiding when he was shopping for mine also. His supervisor purchased one for himself and his wife and had problems with them shutting off unexpectedly. We went with Toshiba. The Sale clerk had informed us that Gateway had recently bought out Acer so maybe things will improve. Hopefully. I hope you are able to get it repaired without any problems.