Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tidbits About Josh

Have you ever had a bunch of one sentence little bits of things you wanted to share but nothing long enough for a post? Well, my thoughts about Josh have been this way lately. So, I thought I'd just post a series of "popcorn thoughts" about Josh to give you an idea of what we are up against.

He's 22 1/2 months old now.

He loves every "elyun" he comes across. See picture above.

He loves to climb and doesn't seem to care if he's going to hurt himself. Remember the nearly black eye recently?

We have this one amusing and reoccurring conversation with Josh. It goes like this:
M pointing to a book: That's a dog.
J: Dog.
M: That's a tree. Can you say tree?
J: Yeah.
M: Ok, ummm. That's a sheep. Can you say sheep?
J: Yeah.
The funny thing is that it sounds so much like he's confirming that he, of course, can say that word. It's cute and it happens often.

You already know he's my Personal Potty Assistant.

He's clever. When I'm cooking dinner and he just wants to be in the way, Scott will tell him to stay out of the kitchen. Josh will proceed to lay down and stretch his body across the kitchen floor while making sure his feet never enter the kitchen.

He absolutely has to "do school" with us. If you ask him, "Do you want to do school?" He'll answer with a very enthusiastic and loud, "Yeah!" He isn't happy until you give him a worksheet and pencil. It has to be a paper that looks like school work and it has to be a pencil.

Speaking of doing school...the other day I gave him a preschool worksheet on which you were suppose to color the triangles one color and the squares another color. I handed him a crayon and asked him if he could find a triangle and color it. He did. We proceeded one triangle at a time until he had colored them all. Then I gave him a different color and asked him to color the squares. He found them all correctly too. I put the paper in a safe place so I could scan it later to show you but "in a safe place" translates into "somewhere where I won't be able to find it again for several months." So, you'll have to just take my word on it.

He loves books, especially Little People lift the flap books. We have the farm one and the field trip one. They work great for teaching colors, counting, shapes, animal names, and some other basic skills. He also likes Winnie the Pooh books, this one color/counting/find book, and some Suess books.

He loves babies. He carries a baby doll around sometimes, refers to himself as "baby", and called any child 3 and under "baby".

He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want and don't try to convince him otherwise.

Being the strong-willed, active child that he is, he knows and understands time out. All it takes is for you to tell him to go sit in the corner and he'll immediately do so...crying all the way, of course.

If you ask him if what he is eating is yummy, he'll tell you "no" as he continues to shovel it in.

He likes to play, "Bum!" Which means, he wants to either back up as far as he can and run at you so he can knock you down and land on you, or he wants to hold your "hum" (thumbs) while he jumps on you.

He's ready to begin taekwondo. He has to wait at least two more years before he can start though. As soon as Sammy tried on his new sparring gear, Josh walked up to him, balled up his hands into fists, and began punching him. He'll also ax kick you in the head if you're lying on the floor and aren't careful. He loves to shout "Aiya" while kicking you.

All toothbrushes and all tubes of toothpaste belong to him.

He thinks the letter "D" is called "Daddy". He refuses to be corrected and thinks it's a game to argue about it.

He calls Scott "Daddy" instead of "Dada" but calls me "Mama" and refuses to call me "Mommy".

He likes to drop his spoon or fork and demand you pick it up for him. He's very put out when you tell him, "You dropped it. You get down and pick it up."

He must spend time outside even if it is freezing outside. He gets cabin fever really easily.

He thinks the dog is a step stool.

He cannot hear the word "night" without repeating, "nigh". Cannot. It's impossible.

He loves "nanas". We cannot go to the store without giving him a bunch to carry all throughout the store. He'll eat 3-4 a day if you let him.

He won't drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate. I have no idea where that came from.

He loves plain milk and CHEESE!

He's ready to take on the chore of feeding the dog. He'll go get the dog's bowl and fill it with a handful or two of cat food (he can't open the dog food container so he figures cat food is good enough) and then deliver it to the dog.

He insists on helping to fold the laundry. We've given him the job of putting away socks...with assistance to ensure they get to the right people.

He often wants "hel" (help) with dinner but refuses to eat if you wield the spoon. You must scoop the food on the spoon and then put it down for him to pick up and feed himself.

He gets very needy and acts like he needs a nap EVERY time I try to play Dance Dance Revolution (it's my new daily exercise) regardless of what time I play it.

He thinks tables are for sitting upon.

Ok, that's enough for now. If you want more, you can see my previous Joshua post titled "Birth Control".

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David said...

Lot's of great stuff here. I particularly liked the comment about your safe place. When you find it, would you please let me know where it is? I've left all sorts of stuff there, and would like some of it back.