Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bee Brother

We worried that Josh would have jealousy issues with Madelynn. Boy, were our fears so far off base! He can't get enough of her.

He called her several names:

Baby Dar (dar is his pronunciation of girl)
My Pumkin
My Precious
My Princess
My Pumkin Baby Dar
My Precious Baby Dar
Baby Dar!!! (said in high pitched note of excitment)

He immediately stopped calling himself "baby" and switched to "bee brother" which is how he says big brother.

He gladly gives up his favorite chair for her.

He holds her hand for almost every diaper change.

He announces her every cry so we can run to her aid.

He wants to hold her often and kisses her constantly.

Just this morning, she was sitting in his chair when he noticed that she spit up a little. He immediately shouts out "Uh oh! Wah cloth where?" I found the burp cloth/spit up rag/receiving blanket that we were using as a spit up cloth and headed to her. He stopped me with, "Me do it," and ever so gently cleaned the spit up off her chin.

And he's looking forward to Baby Dar growing up to "play me".

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Bree said...

Oh how sweet! That's so lovely that he's fitting into the big brother role with enthusiasm... makes it easier for the older children to adjust to having a baby in the house too! Glad you are all enjoying her lots :)

Sabrina x

Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh he is such a sweet big brother!!!

The Four Week Vegan said...

Now that is the sweetest Bee Brother ever!