Monday, April 12, 2010

Need Paint Suggestions

Our bedroom really needs painting. The problem is that I'm stumped as to what color to paint it. We have a Amish quilt with an unusual color scheme to work around, and nothing I think of seems quite right. So, I'm turning to you all for ideas.

Here is our bedroom. I took the photo standing in the corner. The room is L shaped with the light colored dresser in the short end of the L. Behind me stands a low ceiling walk-in closet (built into the slope of the attic). To the left, just outside of the picture, is a small window. The ceilings are low...maybe 7 feet I'm sticking with white ceilings to brighten up the room.

I like color. I don't want white, off white, light tan (what it is now...a light pinkish tan), etc. Scott doesn't want it to be too dark.

I also need ideas for curtain fabric that would go with the new wall color and the quilt.

Here's a close up of the quilt. The colors I see on the screen are fairly accurate. The quilt has black, a midnight blue, green, and three different purples. The blue is kind of a weird one...not a typical blue that you usually see around. The green is not grass green, not true green, not forest green, and not olive green. It's somewhere between true green and forest green. Then there's the blue violet, dark violet, and plum.

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Suswan said...

I vote for the lighter colored lavender...the color in the large square...or maybe just a shade lighter than that.

Renae said...

Did you notice that your quilt matches your blog colors? ;)

What colors do you like? You could go with a neutral green, pale purple, or even yellow. Yellow would make that purple quilt pop.