Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sock Puppets

One of the activities available at the retreat I attended last weekend was making sock puppets.  Knowing about the activity ahead of time (I'm on the planning committee), I didn't think I'd make a puppet personally.  In the end, I didn't make a puppet...I made three!

It was so much fun.  Four or five women sitting around talking, laughing, and creating...what could be better?  Some of the puppets created were simply amazing given the limited supplies we had on hand: simply some tube socks, some limited colors of yarn, some felt, a bucket full of buttons, needle and thread, and hot glue guns.

My kids loved their puppets and can't wait until after Thanksgiving when they want to try making their own now that Mommy knows how.

Here's a closer look at Mika's puppet. It's simply a girlish puppet with long, golden hair, lips, and a couple of necklaces.

Sam's puppet was the first one I made.  Because I did such a sloppy job putting the mouth in, I covered the seams with a colorful mustache and beard.  To that I added long hair in a pony tail, eyes, pipe cleaner glasses, and a shirt and bow tie.

Josh's, as you can see in the first picture, was a frog of sorts, complete with a fly attached to an extra long tongue.  Unfortunately, he kept pulling on the tongue until the felt was double it's length and the felt in the mouth pulled away from the glue, so the tongue got cut short.

The kids LOVED them more than I would have guessed.  Maddie even loves putting them on her hand.

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Mommy to One said...

Those are really cute! How great that the mommies all had such a good time making puppets! :-)

Suswan said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids with the puppets. I know what you mean about the "community" experienced when women get together and work on projects like this. Now I understand why they used to have sewing circles back in the old days.
Thanks for sharing!

unknown said...

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